Ebbs and Flows

Like the ocean moves in ebbs and flows, so too do our lives.

Sometimes we are in flow and life is rapidly unfolding around us. But other times we ebb, we slow.

In our deadline driven world, can we see the ebbs not as stagnation but as an important chance to consolidate, to take stock, to rest - all the while still tending our flame. Rather than willing time to go faster thinking about the next flow motion, can we let ourselves enjoy the slow moments; the grinding of coffee beans, the steeping of tea, the watering of gardens, the reading of books.

Because, like the ocean, we oscillate and soon enough we will be in flow again. If we take time to ready ourselves and build that solid foundation, when we’re asked to give it our all, to step out of our comfort zones and inch closer to our boundaries, we can do so with grace, togetherness, and intention.

Greta Carroll