“Sometimes I just wonder how it all works out in the end”, I said.

“This is it though. This is Life working itself out right now”, she reminded me.

She’s right. This is life unfolding in this very moment.

Sometimes we’re so focused on the future or replaying the past that we don’t see we’re missing life itself. When we can see that there is no place to get to but here, that life is working itself out right in front of our very eyes, every moment becomes that much more precious. We can breathe in a little fuller, and out a little deeper, surrendering to the current. In fact, it is our clinging to our fears and worries that is inherently holding us back from allowing life to take us to where we’re meant to go.

So surrender to the unfoldment, be held by the waters and allow them to move us through life.

Greta CarrollComment