Seeing Power

When life throws us spanners, as it invariably does, it can be really easy to feel powerless.
You may not be able to control, predict, or change what has happened, or what is about to unfold. But you do have the power to choose how you prepare, face, and respond to whatever arises; however large or small these spanners may be.
You can choose to sit in the discomfort, the confusion, the pain. You can speak your piece. You can accept what is unfolding.
You can sit with your back straight, walk with a great stride, breathe with a full lung, or choose to take rest.
You can have compassion for other people’s suffering, even if it is the cause of your pain.
You can have compassion for your own suffering.
You can give time, love, honesty, understanding, maybe one day forgiveness.
You have so much power in every situation. Let your choices be reflective of the person you want to be.

Greta CarrollComment